ISPE News – July 2021

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July 2021

The Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (ISPE) was established in 1978 as an organisation for the individual – no corporate membership – in order to encourage a professional approach to the design, installation and maintenance of swimming pools, enclosures and all ancillary equipment, giving recognition to technical skills and ability, and to engage in the education and training of persons within all sectors of the swimming pool industry.

The ISPE aims to promote unrestricted co-operation and liaison between all persons actively involved in the industry and its allied professions and trades, and to provide opportunities for association and interchange of thought and experience amongst
the members and their colleagues. These objectives, together with the Institute’s main function in the field of education and training, are achieved by means of One-day Seminars, Hands-on Workshops, Technical Publications, the Home Study Course and the Institute’s own quarterly Magazine, the ISPE also has its own CPD scheme.

ISPE Membership Routes
ISPE membership is for individuals only (no corporate membership) and there are two different ways of joining the Institute, 1) by direct admittance based on experience in the pool industry or 2) by registering as a student member with a view to passing the ISPE Study Course exams (Filtration, Heating, Chemicals/Water Treatment and Construction) to become a Certified ISPE Technician. Full details are available on the ISPE website or from the ISPE office (

ISPE Welcomes New Members and Students
Back in September 2020 it was announced that ISPE Members and Certified ISPE Technicians (those who have passed all four exams of the ISPE Study Course) are eligible to apply for a blue CSCS card for ‘Swimming Pool Installer’ (subject to passing a valid Health, Safety and Environmental test). The UK-PHMES CSCS Registration Scheme is administered by the JIB-PMES – Joint Industry Board for Plumbing Mechanical and Engineering Services in England and Wales – (see:

This category of card is intended for those whose work includes the installation, servicing and maintenance of swimming pools, saunas/steam rooms and hot tubs and applicants may apply on-line via the above website or download the PMES Related Occupations card application form.

Registration cards are becoming essential for all tradespeople working in the plumbing industry. The card shows site managers, employers and other tradespeople that the card holder is qualified for the work they are doing (and has passed a Health & Safety Test).
This has led to an influx of new ISPE member applications and a large number of new students. In fact there have been over 40 new members and students in the last two months alone and a number of past ISPE Members and Technicians whose membership had lapsed for various reasons are re-joining the ISPE in order to apply for their blue Swimming Pool Installer CSCS card.

NEW Content on ISPE Website

Two of the ten presentations now available

ISPE Seminars and Workshops
All ISPE events are for the benefit of not just ISPE members but are open to non-members too (usually for a small extra charge) and there are many current members who were introduced to the Institute and its activities by attending one of the popular One-Day Seminars or Workshops with a colleague who was already a Member.
An announcement will be made in due course about re-starting the ISPE Seminars, hopefully, to be held in the Autumn/Winter of 2021 but it’s worth repeating now that subject to everything going to plan with the lockdown release and face-to-face training being permissible, there will be two ISPE events which you can make reservations for now:

1) The ISPE Back-to-Basics/Revision Seminar – this will take place, at a central venue, probably near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, in (hopefully) September, a couple of weeks or so before the rescheduled ISPE Exams and is free of charge for all ISPE Students (all other ISPE members and non-members are welcome, too, for a small charge of £25 and £30 respectively). Each of the four ISPE Tutors will be present to guide delegates through some typical exam questions looking at how marks may be won or lost with examples of good and not so good answers. There are refresher sessions on each of the four subjects (Heating, Chemicals, Filtration and Construction) and questions are positively encouraged. The seminar starts at 9.30 and will be concluded by about 3.00 pm (and there is no test to sit on the day). Light refreshments are provided and all delegates receive a CPD certificate worth four CPD points. (This seminar will take place on-line if any restrictions prevent a live event.)

2) The ISPE Hands-On Filtration Workshop – this will take place, probably in November, and in recent years has been held at Plastipack’s premises at St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, courtesy of Peter Adlington, FISPE (and we hope to confirm this venue again nearer the time). This workshop is open to all ISPE students, members and non-members (£60 for ISPE members – all categories and £80 for non-members). The workshop is run by (ISPE past-President) Chris Carr, FISPE and (current ISPE President) Phil Barlow, FISPE, with assistance from ISPE Council member, Kim Mumford, MISPE, and gives practical instruction on filter stripdown and re-building, pipe fitting, pump stripdown and re-building and in addition there are theory sessions covering pipework installation and sizing, sizing a pump, filter and pipework for a domestic pool, installation and servicing tips, and sizing equipment for commercial pools. Again, there is ample opportunity for discussion and questions and light refreshments are provided. The day starts with a health & safety briefing at 9.00 am and concludes after a mini-exam on the day’s activities at around 4.30 pm. CPD certificates indicating six points are provided to all delegates.
To register your interest in both events please contact the ISPE office ( and as soon as dates and venues are confirmed, we will contact all those on the list to check their availability. Those who are unable to attend may be placed on the waiting list for the next event. We will not issue invoices until the dates and places are confirmed and if events are postponed after payment is received, full refunds will be given.

For details of the ISPE-Endorsed Pool Plant Operator Training providers, the ISPE CPD scheme, publications, the ISPE Home Study Course or Membership please see the Institute’s website at, contact or telephone the office on 01603 499959.

Product Spotlight

Cistermiser launches Vecta+ Sensor Tap Range

The Vecta+ Sensor Tap range are easy to install, as retrofit or new build installations. They help to improve hygiene and prevent the transfer of pathogens with no-touch controls. With an infrared tap, the water only runs while your hands are in range, so these taps reduce wasted water, increase efficiency, save energy and reduce costs, while maintaining reliability and high performance. For more information about these infrared taps, visit or call 0118 969 1611.

Velappity- Risk Assessment and Compliance Software

Velappity is a risk assessment and compliance solution that can reduce your reporting time by 50% and improve operational efficiency. Our forms module eliminates the drawbacks associated with paper-based reporting. You can easily create branded risk assessments and complex forms in a digital framework to complete inspections on-site, on any device. The integrated compliance module enables organisations to manage and report on all types of assets and complete inspection tests, raise non-compliances and report to clients, all within the app.

Effective Thermal Disinfection at POU

By using the readily available system temperature hot water supply (>60C), the patented ILTDU, In-Line Thermal Disinfection Unit, from Horne Engineering facilitates the only effective thermal disinfection of showers, taps, TMVs, their associated pipe-work feeds, ancillary fittings, mixed water deadleg and terminal outlet fitting. In conjunction with high velocity flushing, which shears excess biofilm from internal pipework surfaces (and represents 95% of the water system’s total bio-load) thus improving water quality, regular operation of the ILTDU further aids the risk-management of retrograde pathogens, e.g. opportunistic Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria and others.

HM&V Utilities Ltd – Helping you stay compliant

HM&V Utilities Ltd are a LCA Registered Water Hygiene and Utility Specialist based the South of the UK. We provide comprehensive packages to help clients stay compliant with their obligations under current legislation and law. From the initial Risk Assessment to corrective remedial actions, we have you covered. We are LCA registered and ISO9001 accredited to carry out Legionella Risk Assessments, Cleaning and Disinfection services as well as Sampling & Analytical Services.