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Legionella bacteria discovered in water system at Oakwood’s Lane Stadium

OAKWOOD — Water systems remain shut down at Oakwood’s Lane Stadium over a week after the system was found to have Legionella bacteria, according to a district spokesperson. Read the full article here

WRAS Awarded UKAS Accreditation

WRAS has been accredited by UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service), bringing new, additional assurances for customers using the WRAS approvals scheme. Read the full article here

Chlorine mix-up puts guests of luxury hotel in hospital

Toxic gas created as pool maintenance chemicals formed harmful blend at four-star spa resort. Read the full article here

RMT threatens strike action over legionella on trains

A rail union has said it will consider strike action over the threat of “potentially lethal” legionella bacteria found on Thameslink trains. Read the full article here

Old Town woman hospitalized with Legionnaire’s disease

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – A woman from Old Town is in the hospital struggling to fight off what’s commonly known as Legionnaires’ disease. Read the full article here

MPA compensation guidance consultation

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has opened a consultation to seek views on the Best practice guidance for developing compensatory measures in relation to Marine Protected Areas, a future approach to strategic compensation, and how net gain and compensation can work together to deliver the best outcomes for the marine environment. Opens:… Read more »

Review of the water industry national environment programme (WINEP)

The Environment Agency has opened a consultation on the proposed redesign of the WINEP and the roadmap which sets out our ambition and plan for long-term change. Opens: 22 July 2021 Closes: 16 September 2021 Environment Agency LINK

N.B. health officials interviewing patients, checking cooling towers in legionnaires’ disease investigation

Health officials in New Brunswick are completing “extensive” interviews with patients this weekend and waiting for lab results, as they investigate the source of a legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Moncton. Read the full article here

‘Elevated levels’ of legionella found at Darlington Memorial Hospital

THE showers on a hospital’s maternity unit will not be in use for weeks after special equipment was installed to stop legionella from entering its water system. Read the full article here

Legionella bacteria found in Birmingham (USA) Schools water

Birmingham (USA) Schools has another health concern to worry about in addition to COVID-19. Read the full article here

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Product Spotlight

Effective Thermal Disinfection at POU

By using the readily available system temperature hot water supply (>60C), the patented ILTDU, In-Line Thermal Disinfection Unit, from Horne Engineering facilitates the only effective thermal disinfection of showers, taps, TMVs, their associated pipe-work feeds, ancillary fittings, mixed water deadleg and terminal outlet fitting. In conjunction with high velocity flushing, which shears excess biofilm from internal pipework surfaces (and represents 95% of the water system’s total bio-load) thus improving water quality, regular operation of the ILTDU further aids the risk-management of retrograde pathogens, e.g. opportunistic Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria and others.

Baclyser® neo S sterile shower filter

The disposable point-of-use water shower filter with a service life of up to four months. As a CE-marked medical device this can be used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and wherever water filtration is important. The hollow fibre membrane with a proven retention efficiency of 7 log steps complies with the FDA definition of sterile filtered water. Unique RetroGuard concept: Maximum protection against retrograde contamination. Thanks to Metalskin Medical® as a coating at the jet disc an antibacterial efficacy is given at the outlet. Learn more:

Xiveillance Remote Temperature Monitoring

Real-time monitoring for water systems and more; presenting essential compliance data at your fingertips. Know how often and for how long your outlets have reached their desired temperature. Get instant alerts for any non-compliant outlets. Drive efficiency and value with effective management of site visits and flushing regimes. Based on the latest low-powered IoT technologies. A credible, cost-effective, and money-saving alternative to a traditional BMS.

Compliance. Complete.

Introducing the X-POT Compliance Pack - Controlled – Including our Easily Commissionable Pre-settable PICV removing the complexity of many PICV’s. - Maintainable – Our industry leading X-POT Side Stream Filter allows for Quick and Easy Maintenance without affecting system operation. - Monitored – Our Updated PD Monitor features MODBUS allowing you to monitor your X-POT Installations via your BMS systems. - Energy Efficiency – Supplied with our Custom Insulation Jackets. - Selection Made Simple – Our Compliance Packs are matched to our X-POT’s.

HM&V Utilities Ltd – Helping you stay compliant

HM&V Utilities Ltd are a LCA Registered Water Hygiene and Utility Specialist based the South of the UK. We provide comprehensive packages to help clients stay compliant with their obligations under current legislation and law. From the initial Risk Assessment to corrective remedial actions, we have you covered. We are LCA registered and ISO9001 accredited to carry out Legionella Risk Assessments, Cleaning and Disinfection services as well as Sampling & Analytical Services.

EndoSan Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant

EndoSan is a stabilised hydrogen peroxide disinfectant with a broad spectrum of efficacy. Due to its unrivalled stability EndoSan is the ideal water disinfectant. EndoSan is proven to kill legionella bacteria and is a highly effective biofilm remover. No harmful by-products are formed in the disinfection process, instead EndoSan simply degrades into water and oxygen. EndoSan is a compelling alternative to chlorine-based disinfection products. Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Single Syringe Test Kit

The world’s fastest Legionella test! Get results on site for the strain of legionella that causes practically all legionnaires’ disease cases and outbreaks in only 25 minutes. On site results removes the risks associated with transportation of samples. Simple to use, no specialist training required. Why would you wait days for test results? Contact us at Wycombe Water a Hydrosense distributor.

Neptune Water Safety

Neptune is an enterprise-grade, web-based water safety monitoring system which uses discrete, wireless multi-probe thermocouple devices that are easily attached to water assets in order to help maintain the safety of an organisation’s water system. By continually monitoring and analysing temperatures and flow events over time, Neptune helps identify conditions likely to create harmful bacteria such as Legionella or cause freeze or scald risk, improving safety for building users.