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    Grime Scene

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    Product Spotlight

    Effective Thermal Disinfection at POU

    By using the readily available system temperature hot water supply (>60C), the patented ILTDU, In-Line Thermal Disinfection Unit, from Horne Engineering facilitates the only effective thermal disinfection of showers, taps, TMVs, their associated pipe-work feeds, ancillary fittings, mixed water deadleg and terminal outlet fitting. In conjunction with high velocity flushing, which shears excess biofilm from internal pipework surfaces (and represents 95% of the water system’s total bio-load) thus improving water quality, regular operation of the ILTDU further aids the risk-management of retrograde pathogens, e.g. opportunistic Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria and others.

    Inform water temperature monitoring

    Monitoring water temperatures are crucial to water safety, helping minimise the growth of waterborne pathogens and reducing the risk of infection. Inform is an intelligent digital solution that has been designed to monitor, maintain and provide data on assets within a building. This easy-to-use system offers peace of mind that you operate at the highest safety levels and comply with building requirements.

    • Intuitive software and clear graphic displays
    • Full audit trail of all events
    • Accurate reporting & documents stored in the system
    • Max, average, min data recorded every 15 minutes
    • Complies with ACoP L8, HSG 274, HTM 04-01
    • No requirement to access IT data networks
    • Anti-microbial system box with easy installation
    • Long life (5 years†) replaceable batteries
    • Installed complete and ready to operate by KWC DVS
    • API integration to existing CAFM systems

    How the NEW SolidTek® Biocide Feeder Package will BENEFIT YOU

    SolidTek® has launched its NEW Biocide Feeder which is functional, compact, and environmentally-friendly.

    Designed for use with SolidTek’s® enhanced bromine biocide, BromTek, it offers multiple benefits:

    Reduced exposure to fumes and bromine dust (non-pressurised system).

    Use with field proven mixed hydantoin biocide - better performance than standard bromine tablets.

    Wall mounted reducing footprint of installation.

    Charge with product in under 5 minutes without isolation from the system.

    Product calculators and tech support available.