An Overview of Some Water Treatment Processes, Phosphonates, and Polymers for the Oil & Gas Industry, in an Era of Water Recovery and Recycling

Published on 07/11/2022 | by Waterline Admin

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An Overview of Some Water Treatment Processes, Phosphonates, and Polymers for the Oil & Gas Industry, in an Era of Water Recovery and Recycling

Colin Frayne, CSci, CChem, CEnv, CWEM, FRSC, FICorr, MCIWEM, FWMSoc, LRIC, CWT. Consultant, Aquassurance, Inc.
Barry B. Ekstrand, P.E., President & COO, Finoric LLC
June 2022


As a result of global population growth and an increased demand for energy and good quality water, the demand and supply positions for vital resources (especially water) varies considerably from country to country; but globally, freshwater withdrawals have increased six-fold over the last 100 years, and we all face an uncertain future due to critical worldwide water shortages and quality problems. In view of this crisis, this paper focuses on the oil and gas industry and their relatively large usage of water (e.g. for hydraulic fracturing fluids). It provides an overview on the types of standard water treatment separation processes available to implement the 3-Rs (i.e. Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim), and aims to further reduce water consumption. Additionally, this paper provides some guidance notes on the benefits, limitations, and application of phosphonates, polymers, and other waterside chemical inhibitors and performance additives, for selection by water treatment practitioners when confronted with more complex brine water chemistry.


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