Healthcare Infection Society Opens Consultation – 17/04/2024

The Healthcare Infection Society is inviting comments on the scope for their next NICE-accredited guideline: water management for healthcare microbiologists. If you are a microbiologist or a professional involved in estates, facilities or engineering with responsibility for a water safety group or safety plan, the surveillance of water or wastewater borne infections, or keep on top of… Read more »

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The CDC has released findings for 214 outbreaks associated with drinking water 2015–2020.

Some interesting takeaways from the MMWR report: Legionella was implicated in 98% of biofilm-related outbreaks.Legionella-associated outbreaks generally increased over the study period.Legionella caused 97% of the hospitalizations and 98% of all deaths.Premise plumbing (point of use locations) was the contributing factor in 63% of the Legionella and other biofilm-associated pathogen outbreaks. Read the full report… Read more »

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Could cleaner air be driving rise in Legionnaires disease?

Uni of M

Legionnaires disease (LD) cases rose ninefold between 2000 and 2018, and the reasons for the dramatic global rise have been a scientific mystery. This week, a research team proposed a surprising factor: a drop in air pollution. Read more here.

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Bacterial infection that spreads through showers, faucets and AC units has killed 80 and hospitalised 500 in US.

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From 2015 to 2020, the bacteria Legionella caused 184 disease outbreaks in the US, resulting in 786 illnesses, 544 hospitalisations and 86 deaths. Of 214 disease outbreaks over five years, 184 were caused by legionella bacteria. Read more here.

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Yorkshire pensioner died from legionnaires disease picked up in hotel while on break from caring for wife

A pensioner from Yorkshire died from deadly legionnaires’ disease after going on holiday to have a break from caring for his adoring wife who had dementia. Read the full article here

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Unregistered plumber handed suspended prison sentence

An unregistered plumber has received a suspended prison sentence after he carried out illegal gas work at a house in Peterborough. Read the full article here

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Health Advisory Issued for Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel Guests Due to Legionella Bacteria

Peoples Network

The Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel has detected #Legionella bacteria in its water system, leading to a health advisory for guests to avoid taking showers. The hotel is working with health officials to disinfect the water system and prevent further growth of the bacteria. The source of the bacteria remains unclear. Read more here.

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Legionnaires’ disease: Sydney outbreak reaches 10 cases as authorities search for source

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People who have visited Sydney’s CBD recently have been warned to be alert for symptoms of legionnaires’ disease. NSW Health says 10 people who developed the disease spent time in the city between 15 December and 23 December. But what is legionnaires’ disease, how can you catch it, can it be fatal and what caused… Read more »

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WHO says 23 deaths from Legionnaires’ disease reported in Poland

A total of 23 deaths linked to Legionnaires’ disease have been reported from Poland as of Sept. 11, the World Health Organization said on Thursday. A total of 166 cases of the disease have been reported, WHO said, adding that no new cases have been reported since Sept. 7. Legionnaires’ disease, caused by the legionella… Read more »

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My dad died after being scalded in a hotel bath

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The son of a pensioner who died from scalding injuries in a hotel bath has described the frantic 90-minute attempt to rescue him as a “horror story”. Wallace Hunter died at the Pitlochry Hydro in 2019 after being trapped in the bath, while guests and emergency services tried to smash in the door. Efforts to… Read more »

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Diary Dates & Events

Grime Scene


Following on from the successful Grime Scene competition, we have decided to continue the theme for another year, but with a twist. This year, we are asking for photographs of the grimiest pictures you can find accompanied with another photograph of how the ‘scene’ has been improved by your maintenance or cleaning.

We will display the photographs in each of the Waterline editions throughout 2024. The ‘most improved’ picture will be chosen by WMSoc members via an online vote. The winner will receive a £25 Amazon Gift Voucher after the Winter 2024/25 edition has been published.

Please send your photographs to:

Product & Service Spotlight

Introducing B & V Chemicals' new film forming amines for closed circuits and steam boilers.

Product Launch: Film forming amines.

This all-in-one solution offers low-dose, cost-effective treatment. Improves heat transfer efficiency by removing corrosion deposits, leading to cleaner surfaces. Enhances energy and resource efficiency by reducing Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The stable film provided by polyamines ensures superior corrosion control, promoting longer equipment lifespan.

Plus - environmentally friendly, offering a greener alternative to traditional treatments.

Contact us on for further information.

How the NEW SolidTek® Biocide Feeder Package will BENEFIT YOU

SolidTek® has launched its NEW Biocide Feeder which is functional, compact, and environmentally-friendly.

Designed for use with SolidTek’s® enhanced bromine biocide, BromTek, it offers multiple benefits:

Reduced exposure to fumes and bromine dust (non-pressurised system).

Use with field proven mixed hydantoin biocide - better performance than standard bromine tablets.

Wall mounted reducing footprint of installation.

Charge with product in under 5 minutes without isolation from the system.

Product calculators and tech support available.

Lovibond MD640 Photometer (PTSA & Fluorescein capable)

Product Spotlight Drop Test Kits

How many times have you heard … ‘we’re not sure what the system volume is’. A common problem which can be expensive - wasting chemical over dosing, or underdosing so the treatment is ineffective (i.e. shock dosing a biocide). The MD640 photometer has PTSA & Fluorescein capability built in. Simply use our System Checkers to add to an unknown system and read a PTSA or Fluorescein levels to accurately identify the system volume.

The Hydrosense PRO range


The Hydrosense PRO range pioneers Legionella pneumophila detection, the cause of over 97% of Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks, by identifying all the serogroups 1-15 of this dangerous Legionella species. This easy-to-use, highly sensitive test uses unique filtration, offering a three-line test result that distinguishes between serogroup 1 and serogroups 2-15 within 25 minutes. The water test has a level of detection of 100 CFU/L and swab tests detect 200 CFU per swabbed area, providing crucial, rapid insights for water safety management.