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Surprising insight into Legionnaires’ disease

In order to control cellular processes and thwart the immune system, the bacterium Legionella pneumophilia, the cause of the notorious Legionnaires’ disease, releases hundreds of enzymes. Biochemists at Goethe University have now elucidated important details in the interaction of bacterial effectors. They discovered how the regulatory enzyme SidJ keeps other dangerous virulence factors in check…. Read more »

5 cases of Legionnaires’ disease reported this year in Champaign County; no common link found

CHAMPAIGN — There have been five cases of Legionnaires’ disease in Champaign County this year, three of them in July and August, according to the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District. There hasn’t been a common link established among the five cases, said health district epidemiologist Awais Vaid. One of the local persons who became ill with… Read more »

Four Cases of Legionnaires’ Disease Identified in Kane County Retirement Community

AURORA, IL – The Kane County Health Department has received reports of four cases of Legionnaires’ disease. Four residents at Covenant Living at the Holmstad in Batavia have been confirmed to have Legionnaires’ disease. The retirement community is notifying residents, the residents’ identified contact, and staff. “Public health officials are testing for Legionella bacteria and continue to investigate… Read more »

Changing climate linked to major changes in flooding across Europe

The impact of a changing climate on the severity of flooding has been demonstrated in the largest-scale study of its kind – with parts of northern Britain seeing the largest increase in Europe. A multinational research team, which looked at river flow data from thousands of locations over a 50-year period, found that flood events… Read more »

John Lewis attempts to become first UK retailer to supply its own water

Stores in England will only pay wholesale prices if application for self-supply licence succeeds. John Lewis and Partners is dipping a toe into the water industry by applying to become its own supplier at some of its stores. The retailer plans to take charge of supplying water to its John Lewis and Waitrose stores in England through a… Read more »

Barry Legionnaires’ disease cluster identified as public warned

People have been asked to flush taps, drain unused garden hoses and put commercial screen wash in cars to stop the spread of Legionnaires’ disease. The warning from Public Health Wales comes as a cluster of 11 cases has been identified in the Vale of Glamorgan in the past 12 months.   Legionnaires’ disease is a lung… Read more »

Novel approach leads to potential sepsis prevention in burn patients

Study demonstrates possibility of treating antibiotic-resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa. Immediately following severe burns, bacteria reach the wound from different sources, including the patient’s skin, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tracts and health care-related human contact. Within the wound, bacteria multiply, establish an infection and move from the infected burn wound into the bloodstream, causing serious complications like sepsis,… Read more »

Leeds care home responds after Legionnaires’ bacteria found in water

Bosses at a Leeds care home said they have “reassured residents and their families” after the bacteria legionella was found in water samples. The bacteria – which when inhaled is the most common cause of Legionnaires’ disease – was recently found in samples taken at Donisthorpe Hall on Shadwell Lane but managers say there is… Read more »

‘Critical’ legionella risk found in Barrow shops

“Critical” concerns were raised about the legionella risk at council-owned shops in south Cumbria. Risk assessments were carried out at 19 premises leased from Barrow Borough Council at Newbarns, Ormsgill, Walney and Dalton. The bacteria, which can be found in water systems and inhaled in droplets, can be fatal. Repairs have been carried out at… Read more »

Legionella Found In Water Supply At Two Bridges Condo: Officials

After two cases of Legionnaire’s disease were confirmed, the Health Department has found the bacteria in a Two Bridges building’s water. TWO BRIDGES, NY — Health officials have found Legionella in a Two Bridges condo building’s water supply, the Health Department confirmed.  After two residents at the Two Bridges Condominium Complex became sick with Legionnaires’ disease,… Read more »

Product Spotlight

PrimeLab Photometer

The PrimeLab photometer hand-held Bluetooth® device is expandable and portable, developed for ultimate flexibility for use in a range of water systems. With only one light source and the JENCOLOR multi-spectral sensor used exclusively in the PrimeLab, it is possible to measure all water parameters where the water sample is visibly discoloured after addition of a reagent. Key Features of PrimeLab Photometer: The first and only PrimeLab photometer with just 1 LED / 1 JENCOLOR sensor, covering the 400 wavelength (380nm-780nm). More than a 100 different parameters available. Activation of add-on parameters is possible even after purchase. Powerful PC-software and app with free cloud service. Creating reports and dosage recommendations by just a click, using your individual water treatment chemicals.

HuwaSan TR50 Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide

HuwaSan TR50 is a commercial water disinfectant and biocide designed for shock disinfection or constant dosing. HuwaSan TR50 kills legionella bacteria and in addition removes biofilm. It is safer to use than chlorine as the disinfection breakdown products are oxygen and water. Independent testing shows that HuwaSan TR50 provides a very wide spectrum of biocidal activity against bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, amoebae (such as amoeba acanthus which can act as a host to legionella bacteria) and algae.

MC1+ Protector

Formulated to prevent wear and tear and the resulting debris, MC1+ stops magnetite and other deposits forming. As it does this, it protects the central heating, keeping the boiler working efficiently and helping to ensure the system lasts for longer.

MM2050 - PT100 Thermometer

Four/three/two wire measurement, Max/min functions, Hold function, Dual display, °C/°F/°A selectable, Simultaneous display of real time and max/min/hold measurement, Self calibrating.

MD610 Photometer

The MD610 gives you a mobile device in a modern design with the analytical features of a laboratory photometer. All important water analysis parameters from A(luminium) to Z(inc) are covered. Combined with the high precision of Lovibond® reagents, a reliable and quick analysis of water samples is guaranteed. Reagent tablets, powder reagents, liquid reagents, or cuvette tests are used depending on the method.

Armitage Shanks Markwik 21


(TB H2a) an integral thermostatic bib mixer tap, single long lever mixer. Single flow fixed horizontal nozzle, sequential operation. Sequential operation ensures both hot and cold supply are purged on each use, long lever gives precise control. Insulated technology keeps the ‘hot’ side of the mixer at a safe surface temperature.

AS Shower chrome

AS Shower chrome

Legionnaires‘ disease is usually spread by the breathing in of water vapour containing Legionella bacteria which is then deposited on the lungs. The bacteria thrives in water temperatures between 25 and 45°C and so showers by their very nature create an ideal environment for the bacteria to spread. The AS SHOWER chrome filter provides reliable and immediate protection against Legionella, removing bacteria at the point of use, allowing users to shower safely.